Sampling Kit

Sampling Kit

On-site sampling for later analysis through GC/MS or TD/GC/MS

In case of chemical accidents or fires where there was a release of chemicals, it is necessary to put appropriate analytical technologies in place as soon as possible in order to analyze the released substances. For that purpose the Sampling Kit was developed.

The Sampling Kit brings together various techniques and accessories for sampling and the preparation of samples, whether they are in the gas phase (air), solid phase (earth, sand, other solids) or liquid phase (water), so that they can be analyzed through a TD-GC/MS.

The instruction manual describes step by step, in a very simple way, how each method should be performed, making it easy to use in stressful situations.

Areas of application of the Sampling Kit

  • Used by fire brigades and other first responder teams after accidents
  • Can be used in chemical industries
  • On-site sampling possible


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