Micro Thermal Desorption

Micro Thermal Desorption

Trap & Thermal Desorption with the µ-GC

The µ-TD is a completely automated enrichment and desorption instrument, which has been developed specifically for portable gas chromatographs in the Micro GC series from the company Agilent.

The detection limits of a gas-chromatograph working with the µ-TD can be significantly improved. Common interfering compounds, such as water in environmental samples, can be faded out before injection into the GC.

The µ-TD is based on the EDU technology.

This equipment is sold in cooperation with the company SRA Instruments in Italy/France.

Important features of the µ-TD

  • Improvement on detection limits
  • Automatic cycles from enrichment to desorption
  • Simple changing of adsorbent tubes
  • Programmable and independent operation
  • Flow lines adapted specifically to the GC from Agilent
  • Battery operation is possible
  • Heated transfer lines


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