GDA - Stationary

Gas Detector Array - Stationary

Monitoring of Critical Infrastructures. Detector for hazardous gases and chemical agents.

The GDA-S is a continuously operating chemical agent detection system. It is used to monitor sensitive public structures, buildings and workplace areas.

In addition to selectively handling chemical warfare agents (CWAs) our reliable GDA technology also identifies a range of hazardous and less hazardous volatile compounds. The GDA technology offers the possibility of detecting a very broad range of compounds in the gaseous phase.

The non-stop monitoring capability and broad detection range of the GDA-S provide a high level of security.

Important features of the GDA-S

  • Detection and identification of all the main hazardous gases and chemical warfare agents within seconds
  • Hybrid Sensor Array: Unique combination of different detectors (IMS, PID, EC, MOS)
  • Dependable alarm concept
  • Alarm and communication interface
  • 24/7 operation / data stored
  • Internal sensor protection system
  • Easy to install
  • Database is expandable
  • Outdoor operation



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