4th Night of Knowledge

AIRSENSE participates in the fourth night of knowledge in Schwerin

October 20, 2018 from 16:00 to 24:00

Interested people of all ages, but especially young people and their families have the opportunity to get to know numerous interesting business and future opportunities, which Schwerin has to offer.
In order to show how exciting and fascinating science can be, the Night of Knowledge invites on the 20th October 2018 to a nightly expedition through the diverse and attractive science city Schwerin.
AIRSENSE would like to give young people, their parents and all generally interested people the chance to get to know the company and look behind the facades. This year AIRSENSE presents itself under the motto: "Knowledge and sensitivity for electronic detection".
To develop the patented devices of AIRSENSE, apart from the theoretical background, numerous practical skills are required. A steady hand and the knowledge to deal with the diverse tools are important for ensuring high quality. Between 5 pm and 10 pm, at several stations, the manual skills can be tested under guidance in order to gain a deeper understanding of the work of AIRSENSE.


4 pm Grand Opening in the Atrium, house 5
Welcome words by Mr. Andreas Ruhl - second Deputy Mayor and Head of Department for Youth, Social Affairs and Culture and Question & Answer session between elementary school students and professors in Schwerin

5 pm - 10 pm at AIRSENSE Analytics, house 4

Presentation of exciting technical experiments & Hands-on activities:
- Experiments for young researchers
- Soldering for everyone
Personal conversations with the employees
Guided tours through the company at every full hour

From 10 pm "come together" with music and snacks in the Atrium, house 5
End midnight

Come by and get to know AIRSENSE Analytics personally:

House 4
Hagenower Strasse 73
19061 Schwerin

Accessible by bus 7 in the direction of Krebsförden / stop: Wilhelm-Hennemann-Straße or Technology Center

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